Afghan Municipal Solid Waste Management

Preliminary Trash collection: Neighbors are dumping sold waste in designated areas along the streets, then Kabul Sanitation department is picking up and cleaning those dumpsites transferred to Gazak landfill.  There are very limited dumpsters located around the city.

Door to Door Trash Collection: A pilot Door to Door Trash collection project was lunched in Taimani district 4 of Kabul city in 2006. Which was very successful and paved the way to involve private sector in trash collection, that’s was the beginning and now in 2023 there are few private companies they do door to door trash collections in some of neighborhoods, neighbors are paying them 200 AFN per month.

Transfer Stations: Kabul lacks of appropriate transfer stations and recycling and sorting process. Children and poor people are collecting metal, plastic and paper with their hands from dumpsters and dumpsites which is very dangerous for their health. AUCC has the ability to design and construct reliable transfer stations which can help process of solid waste management and environment.

Solid waste Recycling: Afghanistan lacks of appropriate process of recycling.

Solid waste Composting: Also we had another pilot project in 2007 to compost the solid waste in Gazak landfill, 20 workers were working and they were producing thousands of bags compost to the greenery department of Kabul municipality. AUCC is ready to help municipalities in solid waste composting.

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