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We are hiring…

Afghan Urban Construction Company (AUCC) is seeking CVs from excellent candidates for several roles for an anticipated new project. These are short and full time-positions.
1.      Construction Manager, Vacancy No: AUCC-2301
2.      Senior Architect, Vacancy No: AUCC-2302
3.      Senior Civil Engineer, Vacancy No: AUCC-2303
4.      QA/QC Engineer, Vacancy No: AUCC-2304
5.      Water Supply and Sanitation Engineer, Vacancy No: AUCC-2305
6.      Electrical Engineer, Vacancy No: AUCC-2306
7.      Health and Safety Officer, Vacancy No: AUCC-2307
8.      Senior Surveyor, Vacancy No: AUCC-2308

To apply- Please email your resume and your educational documents to Please include the title and Vacancy Number in your subject title.

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