Principle Areas of Services

AUCC offers a wide range of services to help build, repair and maintain buildings and other structures and infrastructures. Some of the most common services we provide include drafting blueprints and designs, providing materials such as concrete or wood, managing construction projects, managing crews of workers and subcontractors, overseeing safety on-site, overseeing quality control for construction works, our services are not limited to:

Project Design and Management

  • Project Management
  • Construction Project Planning
  • Construction Supervision
  • Assessments and Surveys
  • Complete QA/QC
  • Inspections
  • Contract Administration

Architectural and Civil Engineering

  • Design & construction of Vertical Structures (All type of public, commercial and residential buildings)
  • Design & construction of Horizontal Structures (Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks, Parks, Water supply system, storm water, drainage, Karizes, Canals, ditches, Culverts, Irrigation System, retaining walls)
  • Project Planning and Cost Estimating

Construction Management

We do all type of new construction, repairing, refurbishment, rehabilitation, and renovation works. We provide accurate cost and time management, quality management, safety management, environment and social management, labor administration and other required services.

Environmental Engineering

AUCC provides a full range of environmental services to public and private organizations nationwide. We can economically and quickly identify project constraints, and consistently plan and design projects to avoid, minimize, and alleviate environmental impacts.

Whether you need engineering support or are seeking to outsource your entire engineering and environmental project, you can count on AUCC to provide you with a full spectrum of engineering services. Our team of experts has extensive experience in handling various environmental components. You can trust us to efficiently complete the job and ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

We provide a valuable and excellent electrical and plumbing services throughout the country for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

We are dedicated to giving our customers the quality service and cost-effective solutions that they expect and deserve, and we aim to support the community through our efforts in a productive and profitable way. Our team of experts has extensive experience in handling various electrical components. You can trust us to efficiently complete the job and ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

Land Survey

We offer professional land surveying services across the Afghanistan, our survey team is more than prepared to tackle any challenge. We specialize in construction layouts, topographical surveys, boundaries, subdivision design, title and boundary surveys, pipelines, Roads, unit surveys, digitizing, map reproduction and preparation, and provide dedicated mapping services. We have high quality instruments, and professional staff, our land survey services can be an efficient solution to every project. If you need a professional land surveyor, then get in touch.

Quality Control

We are dedicated to providing quality construction and technical services to our clients. We strive to implement and maintain long-term relationships based on quality assurance, service delivery and safety. We provide outstanding service through teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our projects. We should understand what our Client is looking for; It is our goal to do a high quality work— this effort is very critical for us; our first step is to find out what our client is looking for. We review the contract, drawings, SOW, specifications and other documents related to the project. Then we comply with the Standards, country building codes, our client’s requirement as well as with our own policies and procedures. AUCC guides workers step by step through the entire assembly process. AUCC assures that each activity must meet a standard of quality that is acceptable for the overall project to be a success and we keep up a quality work and there’s nothing better than seeing our client happy, if our client isn’t happy, our project isn’t successful.

Environmental and Social Management

We strive to protect the environment by upholding effective and efficient environmental and sustainable practices. The purpose of the Environmental and Social Management Plan is to ensure that all social and environmental impacts and risks are identified and managed, through the implementation of appropriate social and environmental controls and the monitoring of the construction works. It sets out to ensure that the site works comply with relevant environmental legislation and the accepted good practices.

The AUCC environmental and social management plan confirms that there will be no acquisition or negligible risk of significant negative impacts from the construction on environmental and social aspects. As an essential requirement for environmental and social safeguards, AUCC ensure that the requirements & instruments & developed and implemented through project implementation according to the action plan.

Health & Safety

We uphold a positive and proactive safety culture, to create a healthy work environment. We remain committed to protecting our colleagues and the public. AUCC operate under high personnel health and safety standards, AUCC believes that no job or no task is more important than worker health and safety. All levels of staff including directors, managers, site foremen, tradespersons and laborers have undergone health and safety training applicable to their needs & responsibilities.

The AUCC also ensure that his workers and employees do not use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while working at the project site. Safety inspection logs will be attached to the daily site log book and can be evaluated and audited by our Client. We’re committed to maintaining the safety, security and wellbeing of our staff, service users, partners and the surrounding community. Our Safety and SMP is but one aspect of our overall workplace safety efforts.

Training & Capacity Building

We offer technical training for a variety of subjects throughout the country for our clients not limited to:

Project Management and Project Planning, Construction Management, Site and Personnel Health and Safety Management, Land Survey training (Total Station)

Quality Assurance, Quality Control

Operation and Maintenance Training

Foremen Training

On-job Training to construction crews.

Business Planning

If you are in business or investor you need a business plan. Our industry knowledge and vast client experience is critical to the success of preparing your business for future investment opportunities and challenges. We’ll work with you to help you refine your business model and convey your business goals. We are accessible and will work closely with you to improve your vision for the future. Whether you need to improve forecasting of your cash flow requirements, develop and refine your organizational structure, develop strategies for securing new financing, or are simply looking for a business plan tune-up, we can help.